Our facility opened as recently as 2012 and as you would expect, everything about the site is modern,

clean and properly maintained.
The campsite covers an area of 7 hectares organised into different categories. In all we have 109 spacious pitches and we also provide different types of accommodation which are available to rent.  We also have a ‘Euro Relais’ service area for campervan owners with water waste, chemical disposal, and drinking water.


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free wifi


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The "Comfort" pitches

Wonderfully grassy, we have 62 Comfort Pitches. The average size is 110m2 and separated by edges. Whether you want to pitch your tent or park your caravan or campervan, these pitches are ideal. They are connected to our electricity supply (European standard/16amp). You will also find a drinking water tap, waste-water drainage and just what every 21st century holiday-maker needs, free Wi-Fi.

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The "Nature" pitches

As the name suggests, our 21 Nature Pitches offers our guests the opportunity to really enjoy the natural beauty of our site. Separated with edges, some offer natural shading for our guests who are pitching tents.  Like all of our pitches, you will find free Wi-Fi.

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Tents "canada"

We have a number of ‘Canada Tent’s which our guests can rent

and we promise you will enjoy all that they have to offer.
They are 20m2, connected to the mains supply and have lighting. Inside there is a separate living area with kitchen where you will find a stove and all the cooking utensils you will need.  There are two furnished bedrooms and we provide blankets. Although our Canada Tents do not come with their own toilet facilities, a nearby private cabin which includes a shower, washbasin/sink and a toilet is available for your use, for weekly rents. All furniture throughout our Canada Tents are wooden and come with a covered terrace where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of our site.  You will also be able to access the free Wi-Fi which we offer to all of our guests


"bivouac" tents.

Our Bivouac’s, or tents on stilts, were introduced to the site in 2015 and have proved to be a popular offering to our guests. They are particularly suitable for hikers who do not want to erect their own tents and for those who want to get close up to the natural beauty that is in abundance across our site. Our Bivouac tents sleep two people and include a bed with mattress and a picnic table, but they do not come with electricity.



The “noisette” mobile homes and "cerise" chalets are sleeps four accomodations, fully equipped with living room/lounge/kitchen, a room with 140cm large double bed, a room with twin 80cm large beds, a shower room and a separate WC. The “prune” mobile homes and "framboise" chalets are sleeps six accomodations, and offer a third room with two twin 70cm large or 80cm large beds. We also offer two “Vivario” mobile homes which are accessible to people with reduced mobility, with two 80cm large joinable beds and a room with a set of 70cm large bunk beds.


You'll find also inside : television (avaliable channels detail at the bottom of this page), refrigerator with freezer, four hotplates, microwave oven, coffee maker, bred toaster, kettle, covered terrace with garden furniture.

free wifi is avaliable.



All these accomodations are air conditioned



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The sleeps 4 "noisette" mobilhome, 2 bedrooms.

Our Noisette mobile homes have two bedrooms, sleep 4 and at 27m2 they offer plenty of living space. They are fully equipped and upon arrival you will find a television with a number of English speaking channels including BBC News and CNBC. There is free Wi-Fi, a fridge-freezer, a hob with four hotplates, microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster and kettle.
Each mobile home also has a covered terrace where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of our site.  All of our mobile homes are air-conditioned.

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The sleeps 4 "vivario" mobilehome. 2 bedrooms. Priority to reduced mobility people

Our Vivario mobile homes at 32m2 are larger versions of our Noisette mobile homes and are usually reserved for those of our guests who suffer from disabilities. They are large enough to move around comfortably in a wheelchair. They come with the same facilities as a Noisette  including TV, free Wi-Fi, fridge-freezer and air-conditioning. Our Vivario mobile homes are available for anyone to rent if no prior reservations have been made by a guest who needs the extra space.

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The sleeps 6 "prune" mobilhome. 3 bedrooms.

Our Prune mobile home are 32m2 and sleep 6. They come with the same facilities as our Noisette and Vivario mobile homes including TV, free Wi-Fi, fridge-freezer and air-conditioning.

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The sleeps 4 "cerise" chalet, 2 bedrooms

Our Cerise Chalet sleep 4 and are fully furnished. They are 32m2 and as with our chalets they offer comfortable living space as well as all the facilities needed to make your stay with us a special one. As well as free Wi-Fi and a television, there is a well-stocked kitchen including a fridge-freezer and air-conditioning. There is also a covered terrace for you to enjoy the splendour and beauty of the natural surroundings

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The sleeps 6 "framboise" chalet, 3 bedrooms

At 35m2 the Framboise Chalet is a larger version of our Cerise Chalets and sleep 6 guests. As with all our different types of accommodation they are furnished for your comfort and our guests will find all of the equipment and facilities needed to make their stay a special one.


Tents for groups

We provide space for larger groups who wish to camp at our beautiful site. We have two 5x8m tents with wooden floors, bed and mattresses, sleeps 12. For this type of accommodation, we do not supply any other equipment, but of course all of our facilities including free Wi-Fi are available to all of our guests. We do ask that all groups are supervised by responsible adults

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